Blog Post 19/5/2015

Could flooring slate be the right choice for your art gallery?

Just think of some of the greatest traditional art galleries of the world... the Louvre in Paris. The Prado in Madrid. The National Gallery in London. What is it that gives these buildings their sense of occasion and awe? What makes you instantly respect these august institutions, as soon as you step inside?

We're sure that their astonishing art collections have something to do with it, but we'd also suggest that you cast your eyes a little lower, towards the floor. Great art galleries, including those both internationally-renowned and obscure, so often have great floors to match. For so many of those who run an art gallery, flooring slate is the automatic choice. But why?

Well, there's no doubting that slate has definite visual appeal. The unique way in which slate comes to be - through the compression and heating of ocean and riverbed sediments by the Earth's crust - leads to all manner of weird, wonderful and ever-fascinating patterns in this in-demand flooring material. You only need to cast a glance over the wide range of flooring slate that we stock ourselves to appreciate that.

But there's something else about slate that appeals from an aesthetic standpoint, other than those swirling colours and patterns. Quite simply, there's a certain sense of solidity, prestige and longevity about slate. When visitors to your art gallery step upon it, they realise that this is a material that has been around forever, and certainly long before they ever lived. Slate has a definite permanence about it, regardless of its actual material qualities.

You can rest assured, too, that those material qualities really are formidable. Good art galleries, of course, tend to get a lot of foot traffic, and you couldn't possibly choose a better type of floor to withstand it than slate. In fact, you could have huge numbers of people constantly walking across your floor, for years on end, without the slate even showing much in the way of punishment.

Flooring slate really is extremely robust, its minimal need for maintenance also sure to give your gallery's cleaning staff and money men reason to rejoice. Above all else, though, even the most average flooring slate tile is an incredible work of art in its own right - so why choose anything inferior for your own art gallery?

Get in touch with The Natural Slate Company today to make it happen.

Blog Post 7/5/2015

Great tips for laying your flooring slate

It would be difficult for us to give a comprehensive guide to the laying of slate flooring here - after all, we have precisely that on our technical page. But we thought that for this blog post, we would pick out just a few of the steps that you can take when laying your flooring slate to ensure that it looks as stunning in your home as it does on our website or when the tiles first arrive at your property.

First of all, when you are ready to begin laying your slate tiles, you should lay out a selection of them, unfixed, on the floor. This will enable you to arrange the tiles in a suitably random mix that gives a consistent appearance across the whole floor, rather than ending up with awkward patches of colour in certain areas. You should thoroughly clean and wash your tiles and allow them to dry before you fix them, so that there is no lingering dust that could compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Once you get down to the actual laying, it is vital to 'fully bed' every tile in the adhesive, leaving no gaps between the adhesive and the slate, so that every tile is fully supported. After the slate tiles have been laid down, you must not walk on them until the adhesive has fully set - at least 24 hours is a good rule of thumb.

It is also advisable to use a grout joint of a minimum of 6-9mm between the tiles, in recognition of the fact that as they have been cut from a natural material, they can slightly vary in size. Once the grouting is done, you should quickly remove excess grout from the surface to prevent marking. Keep in mind that when slates are laid in a random pattern, you can't hope to have identical grout lines - only slightly varying ones.

If you are laying slate indoors, you will need to protect it against staining by sealing it with a suitable slate sealant. LTP colour intensifier is a good choice of sealant, and we would recommend that you seal the slates after fixing, but before grouting, so that any excess grout can be more easily removed.

For more tips on the laying of your flooring slate, including on expansion joints and how to lay slate for external use, simply visit our aforementioned technical guide - or get in touch with our team for the most specific advice. 

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Blog Post 22/4/2015

With flooring slate, you have almost infinite possibilities

Even choosing just any old slate flooring will present you with a long list of advantages. Not only is flooring slate attractive to look at, but it will serve you well for many years and even decades to come, whether you have it installed in your home, workplace or a public space like a restaurant, cafe or museum. But if there's another definite benefit of this flooring material, it's that it gives you a serious amount of choice.

What do we mean? Well, here at the Natural Slate Company, you're practically guaranteed to find the slate colour that you want, given that we stock every popular option from Brazilian Grey and Rustic Multicolour to Beijing Green Quartzite and Mint Fossil Sandstone. With such other sought-after shades in our current range as Bamboo, Lilac and Andean Green, you really do have no reason to look to any other provider of flooring slate.

We give you a lot of options as far as potential flooring layouts are concerned, too - our choice of Brick, Farmhouse, French, Pinwheel or Opus patterns making it even easier to achieve precisely the look that you have in your head. Don't forget to also swot up on the differences between calibrated, gauged and ungauged slates - as you can do with ease on our dedicated flooring slate page - and make sure that you choose a tile that you are happy with.

It's easy to underestimate just how many options flooring slate gives you, even once you have received your order. Did you know, for example, that our slate tiles can even be used on walls? If you have this in mind, you should first make sure with your builder/tiler that your walls are sufficiently strong to hold the weight. The application of an acrylic bonding and priming agent will also be necessary prior to tiling, along with a suitable adhesive.

Slate tiles can also be laid onto chipboard/ply if you wish, but again, certain preparations are required - namely making the subfloor as rigid as possible, so that there is little or no movement. Additional ply can be installed if there is still movement, but you should make sure that you cross board to avoid the joints being in the same place. Nor should you forget a flexible adhesive when laying the tiles.

Here at the Natural Slate Company, we really are convinced that flooring slate is a wonderfully versatile option for your home, workplace or public space. Why not give it some thought when you next need to fit a long-lasting, durable and impressive-looking floor?

Blog Post 9/4/2015

What problems could your flooring slate pose?

There are definitely a lot of good reasons to invest in flooring slate, and you would expect us to talk about those here at The Natural Slate Company - reasons like slate's incredible longevity, durability and pattern and colour combinations. But what would possibly go wrong with flooring slate? You might not imagine that we would refer to potential issues with this choice of flooring material, but they do exist, and we feel that it is our duty to highlight them.

First of all, you can rest assured that there really are very few functional problems that ever arise with flooring slate, it not having become such a widely used flooring material by accident. You can install a slate floor and expect it to last for decades with only a minimal amount of maintenance being required, and it will keep on looking good even after years of heavy foot traffic and other punishment - hence it being a common sight in restaurants, museums and other public spaces.

If there are any problems that do occur in relation to your slate flooring, they are more likely to have something to do with the installation and maintenance process. It is crucial to use the right thickness of slate, for example, with thinner slates not being recommended for outdoors. Slate flooring is also more likely to look worse for wear over time if you do not seal it, so we would always recommend this, with any subsequent cleaning being done with a natural stone cleaner that has been approved by the sealant manufacturer.

You are also advised, when you are ordering slate for the first time, to buy additional tiles - amounting to 10% - to allow for cuts and wastage. The last thing that you will want is to have to order more tiles in the event that the smaller off-cuts that you possess are unsuitable for 'finishing the job' at the edges of the tiled space. Another potential issue that can arise with this flooring material is the appearance of white patches, for which there are various possible causes, such as the adhesive/grout not being properly cleaned prior to sealing.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here at The Natural Slate Company for a full run-down of some of the problems that you might encounter with your own flooring slate, and possible solutions. Rest assured that this is an extremely robust flooring material that is likely to provide you with no - or hardly any - issues for many years after installation.

Blog Post 20/3/2015

The UK's largest selection of slate tiles

Here at the Natural Slate Company, we can cater for you, no matter what your requirements are from slate. We operate our own UK warehouse and all of our tiles are available for immediate delivery. As experts on flooring slate, we can provide you with valuable advice if you’re considering making a valuable, worthwhile addition to your home.

Slate isn’t just for roofs, and more and more people are increasing the value of their homes by investing in flooring slate. Slate is versatile enough to suit a range of internal and external applications and has been described as having an "infinite number of uses".

We offer a huge range of slate floor tiles, giving you access to a whole catalogue of possible effects. From Chinese and Indian slate to Welsh and Brazilian options, we can provide you with a plethora of aesthetic options that will add value to your home and make it a better place to live. Our slate is perfect for kitchens, wet rooms and more and is resilient enough to last for years before it needs to be replaced. In fact, flooring slate is one of the few home improvement options available to you that will actually look better with the passage of time.

People choose flooring slate for many different reasons. It is often chosen for its resilience and hard-wearing nature, which makes it perfect for families with children or animals. Its stylish look never goes out of fashion, with customers regularly being taken aback by its waterproof attributes. It is synonymous with quality and luxury, and with so many colours and designs available to you, it won't be difficult for you to find something that ticks all of the required boxes. Our slate comes from some of the best quarries around, and we only allow slate of the highest quality to enter our product range.

Our team is keen to speak to you if you’re thinking about adding high-quality slate tiles to your home. Why not get in touch with us today if you’d like to learn more about our luxurious, hard-wearing coloured and black flooring slate?

Blog Post 6/3/2015

An insight into the history of flooring slate

As you gaze down upon your new slate floor, contemplating its seemingly infinite colours, patterns and shapes, you may wonder where exactly this curious material comes from, how it forms and the ways in which human beings have extracted and used it down the generations. Naturally, we can't give you an encyclopaedia's worth of information here, but we can at least summarise the remarkable story that has led up to today's flooring slate.

A fine-grained, foliated and homogenous metamorphic rock, slate is itself derived from an original sedimentary rock - not unlike shale - composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. There is no finer-grained foliated metamorphic rock than slate. Adding to the confusion that sometimes prevails as to what exactly slate is, is the fact that until the mid-19th century, there was little clear distinction between the terms slate, shale and schist.

The minerals quartz and muscovite or illite are those that mostly make up slate, with the likes of chlorite, pyrite, hematite and biotite also often featuring. Even graphite, apatite, kaolinite and zircon can occasionally be contained in slate. Such a broad assortment of minerals helps to explain the dizzying range of colours in which flooring slate for the customer presents itself, from grey, black and green to purple, brown and sandstone.

No less impressive than the many ways in which slate comes to be are the many purposes of this highly versatile stone. Roofing has been an especially common application for slate over the years, helped by the extremely low water absorption index that effectively makes it waterproof. This is also why slate is commonly used for outdoor flooring areas, among various other reasons such as its ease of installation, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Slate is even fireproof and a good electrical insulator, which in previous generations, made it a go-to material for the construction of electric switchboards and relay controls for large electric motors. These days, you might be more interested in the suitability of flooring slate for underfloor heating. Among other possible uses, it's not even been unheard of for tombstones and commemorative tablets to be made from slate.

If you've read enough about the history of slate and would now like to look into placing an order for this wonderful material as a flooring solution, why not get in touch with the friendly men and women at the Natural Slate Company today?

Blog Post 19/2/2015

You've got a lot to choose from when it comes to flooring slate

The basic advantages of flooring slate are well-publicised. It's a great flooring solution for every setting from kitchens and outdoor areas to art galleries, museums and restaurants. It's an easy flooring material to install and look after. It continues looking good even after being subjected to the most regular and intense punishment. But there's another big reason to invest in flooring slate - you have a lot of choice.

You certainly have a lot of choice as far as slate flooring suppliers are concerned, for example, although we're confident that you won't find a better supplier anywhere in the UK than the Natural Slate Company. No firm takes the level of pride that we do in sourcing only the best quality materials for flooring, and our friendly and professional team is also constantly available to answer your queries. Our pricing is famously competitive, too.

Another great reason to invest in flooring slate from the Natural Slate Company is the sheer choice of pattern and colour options that we offer. Your eye might be caught by our calibrated Brazilian Grey slate, for instance - a lightly riven smooth grey green slate that is especially suited to a more contemporary decor scheme, on account of its slight variations in shade.

We stock many more popular Brazilian slates, such as the Purple slate that also features occasional green undertones. Or what about the contemporary multicoloured floor that our Brazilian Multicolour calibrated slate makes possible, with its distinctive blend of blue grey, red oranges and browns?

A vast range of other slate colours can be appreciated on our website, including everything from a gauged Oyster Quartzite slate with an oyster shell like surface, to the yellowy Mint Sandstone slate that features green, brown and orange hints. Or why not consider the heavily riven sandy and green Barley slate, the Lilac slate that is marked with attractive orange and ochre, or the alluring natural shade variations of the Andean Green slate?

Your choices for slate flooring certainly aren't restricted to colour - you'll also have the task of picking between gauged, ungauged or calibrated slates depending on the exact colour decision that you make. Meanwhile, the range of available flooring patterns includes Opus, Pinwheel, Brick, Farmhouse and French patterns, which you can better appreciate on the dedicated flooring slate section of our website.

With such a generous range of flooring slate colours and sizes to sift through, it couldn't be easier to ensure that you have the perfect combination for your home or workplace - particularly when you buy from ourselves here at the Natural Slate Company.

Blog Post 5/2/2015

Some of the questions that people ask us about flooring slate

One look at our broad selection of natural slate tiles is often enough for people to fall in love with them, to the point of placing their order there and then. Others, though, may have questions that they may wish to ask before making such a major commitment. There is no provider of flooring slate that has the formidable reputation for customer service that The Natural Slate Company does, so you can rest assured that we will always answer your queries.

Prospective customers often ask us, for instance, what the difference is between a calibrated slate, gauged slate and natural ungauged slate. Having been heavily machined on the back, calibrated slate tiles are extremely consistent in their thickness, meaning that nearly zero grading and only minimal adhesive are needed.

Ungauged slates, meanwhile, are riven on both sides, having simply been split. You will need to take a different approach to the laying of these tiles, laying the thickest ones down first before bedding the remaining ones so that all of the tiles are level. You can therefore expect greater labour and adhesive to be required for the laying of these slates. Finally, the light machining, flat bottom and minimal thickness variation that characterises gauged tiles means that you will be able to evenly lay them without rocking.

However, it is also important to educate yourself on the choice of flooring slate patterns available. Many people purchase a random pattern, for example, not realising that this choice does not enable them to make all grout joints the same width. However, the variation in grout line width can still be greatly minimised by moving certain tiles further apart or closer together as you lay them down.

Colour is another subject that can confuse those buying flooring slate for the first time. It is vital for potential buyers to appreciate that as slate is a natural product, a uniformity of colour cannot be guaranteed. While there is less variation from slate to slate for some colour options than others, that variation can rarely be completely eliminated, and indeed is central to the appeal of slate for many householders and business owners.

For full and informative answers to so many more of the questions that you could possibly have about flooring slate, simply get in touch with the team here at The Natural Slate Company today, or pay a visit to our warehouse to see our slate tiles for yourself.

Blog Post 26/1/2015

What you need to know about the fixing of flooring slate

So, you've chosen your desired flooring slate, including the colour and layout that best suits your intended room, and it has finally arrived at your property. What now? Well, you will now need to fix that slate flooring, which depends on preparing your floor well, followed by some careful and astute laying of the tiles.

Naturally, how exactly you prepare your floor for slate will be dictated by the kind of floor that you have. If you have a concrete floor, for example, you will need to ensure that it is first completely cured and dry. A minimum of four weeks should be left for fresh concrete to dry before tiling can begin.

If you have timber floors or floorboards, meanwhile, your preparation will involve ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation between floors. The floor will need to be covered with plywood or chipboard boarding of a minimum thickness of 12mm, secured with screws rather than nails and with the application of a floor primer before the tiles are laid.

More information on general tiling is included on this informative technical page, but it's nonetheless a good rule of thumb to begin the tiling process in the corner of the room furthest from the door, with battening also being used to give you a straight starting point, given that you can't guarantee that walls are straight.

A wet tile cutter with a diamond blade is recommended for the cutting of the slates, while you are also advised to lay out a selection of the tiles on the floor before fixing. The latter helps to ensure a nice random mix of tiles, rather than unwelcome patches of colour.

The hand-split nature of natural slate tiles means that there will inevitably be variations in thickness. To ensure a level floor, you will therefore need to find and lay the thickest slates first, before bedding up all of the thinner files with the adhesive so that they are all at a consistent height.

The side of a given tile that you lay on the adhesive should always be the 'rougher' side, which will often have chisel or grinding marks where excessive lumps have been removed. You should also thoroughly clean/wash all of the tiles and allow them to dry before you fix them, to get rid of any dust that may stop the tile and adhesive sticking together.

Get in touch with The Natural Slate Company today for answers to any of your queries about flooring slate and how to fix it in your property.

Blog Post 15/1/2015

Which flooring slate is best for your bathroom?

Flooring slate is a popular option for bathroom renovations, helping to provide a rich, luxurious look while still being totally water resistant (once they have been sealed) and easy to clean. You’ll also enjoy a huge range of colour options; different slates can be used to transform your bathroom into anything from a light and airy sanctuary to a modern, minimalistic work of art.

Generate light

Poor lighting is a common problem in many bathrooms, with privacy usually demanding small windows in already small rooms. You can solve this problem by using soft, natural colours to create a sense of light and capture all of the sunshine that does filter through from outside.

Try our Mint Sandstone flooring slate. Softly shaded and alive with warm orange tones, this slate will make you feel like you’re stepping into a summer’s day whenever you walk into the bathroom.

Go chic

Cool, simple colour choices create an ageless elegance in any room, and they can be perfect to set against the dazzling whites and shinning pieces of metalwork found in most bathrooms. Creating a thoroughly modern look, monochromatic colours provide a strong visual statement.

Our China Black slate easily delivers that contemporary style, with its deep, dark colouration picked out by small mica deposits for complementing the rest of your bathroom.

Create space

Yellows tend to make a room feel larger, so using it is a great way to turn your cramped bathroom into a spacious room for you to fully relax in. Of course, as yellow is such a naturally warm colour, the space will still feel completely welcoming and soothing.

Try using our Barley slate. The sandy colour of this flooring slate will make your bathroom appear twice its normal size, and its flecks of orange and deep red make it rather eye-catching, too.

Enjoy seclusion

Some people prefer a cosy feel over a spacious interior, and slate flooring can provide that, too. Deep red and brown colours tend to contract a room’s space, making it feel more private and sheltered - the perfect place to luxuriate after a long day.

To create this effect, you might use our Indian Rajah slate. Rich and majestic, this option turns your bathroom into your own isolated retreat.

Feel free to take a close look at all these options on our website, or contact one of our team today for some expert advice.

Blog Post 6/1/2015

Slate flooring provides a period look for any home

People looking for new houses have plenty of new builds to consider, but properties with distinctive period features are harder to find. If you’re after a more old-fashioned style but haven’t been able to find one in a new home, then you could always give it the historic class that comes with the use of real flooring slate.

Slate is a completely natural product, so it is no surprise to learn that it has been used in houses for hundreds of years. The use of slate flooring throughout the ages has meant that people naturally associate it with older builds, and the fact that it was often used for grand old halls has given it a regal feel.

Of course, people in the olden days didn’t just buy slate because of the way it looked. This material is highly durable, able to hold up under continuous use for extremely long periods of time. It also offered fantastic insulation and was very easy to clean - as remains the case today. This makes slate flooring just as perfect for modern builds as it was for our ancestors. When you lay down slate flooring, you’re getting a floor that will last much longer than other options.

Here at the Natural Slate Company, we offer many colour choices to help you to give your home a historic look. It is usually recommended that people go for a darker tone when they’re looking to achieve this style of design, so why not try either our Brazilian Grey slate or our Rustic Grey Slate? Of course, you might want something in a lighter shade. If so, our Mint Fossil Sandstone slate – with naturally occurring metal deposits - might be perfect for you. Have a look for our online catalogue to find a flooring slate that is perfect for giving your home that period edge.

Using flooring slate will instantly transform your home into one that seems to have been around for centuries. Not only is this great for your first-hand experience of the home, but it also means that your property’s value could improve. After all, you just need to watch the latest property show to see how many people are after an old-fashioned look for their new home.

Blog Post 17/12/2014

Selling your home? Add to its value with flooring slate

If you have a property to sell and are keen to make improvements before you put it on the market, flooring slate may be the ideal choice. The price that you pay for home improvements can be eclipsed significantly by the resulting increase in value, and flooring slate is an option that more and more people are expressing an interest in. Flooring slate offers a number of benefits that are likely to appeal to the vast majority of potential home buyers.

Flooring slate is an obvious choice for anyone hoping to make their property more comfortable and energy-efficient. It has great aesthetic appeal too, due to its timeless qualities.

This flooring material's attributes mean that it will still look fantastic years down the line, while its robust nature ensures that it shouldn’t need to be replaced for a lengthy period of time. You could even add an underfloor heating system beneath your flooring slate to enhance the value of your home yet further before you put it up for sale.

What makes flooring slate even more attractive to potential buyers is its low-maintenance nature. It is strong enough to defeat most things that it might be faced with. Flooring slate is famously waterproof and fire-resistant and owes its robust nature to the metamorphic rocks that it is derived from.

There are many patterns and colours to choose from, most of which have a virtually universal appeal that shouldn’t result in any buyer running for the hills. Even if you’re not planning on putting your home up for sale just yet, the appearance of flooring slate is likely to sway anyone interested in your property even after a number of years have elapsed.

We’re waiting to hear from you if you feel that flooring slate would be a worthwhile addition to your home. Here at The Natural Slate Company, we can talk to you about your options in depth until you decide on a colour and layout combination that you’re entirely satisfied with. Get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions about the services that we offer.

Blog Post 8/12/2014

Embrace the vibrancy of slate flooring

People usually associate flooring slate with grand old hallways, rustic cottages or prestigious galleries and museums. It’s an easy link to make; slate has a natural splendour that works well to give a room a touch of grandeur and age. However, if you think of slate flooring in this way only, you’re missing out on some of its best uses. Slate can also be colourful, animated and incredibly vibrant!/

Firstly, there’s a whole range of colours to choose from, outside the traditional black and grey. Consider, for example, our Mint Fossil Sandstone slate. The soft yellow is picked out with dashes of green, brown and orange to create compelling, beautiful patterns.

Alternatively, you may try our Lilac slate. Pulsing with orange and ochre undertones, this brightly coloured option makes rooms sparkle with energy. Lilac slate is particularly effective in rooms that let in a lot of light, as it absorbs the warmth of the sun to make the room seem to shine with its own glow.

You could even pick up some of our Rustic Green slate. The colour of jade, this option is run through with discreet autumnal colouring, which is brought out whenever it gets hit by the sun. Crisp and light, the gentle green hue is a charming option for bringing colour back into a room.

Even the slate material itself seems full of energy. Thanks to the varying tones causes by dendrites and metallic fossil compounds, colours seem to ripple and shift in the sunlight.

Of course, an even more vibrant look can be achieved by combining those choices and others in our outstanding selection. You can have your slate flooring arranged in a number of patterns to make those colours stand out from each other and give the room a flowing, dynamic feel. Each layout uses different proportions of smaller and larger slate to create its effect, which makes two-tone designs easy to implement.

For more information on all of our slate varieties, contact The Natural Slate Company today. We’re the nation’s highest-regarded natural slate supplier and have over forty colours to choose from, so we’re confident that we’ll find the right combination to liven up your home.

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Blog Post 26/11/2014

The many different flooring slate pattern options

You’ve decided on using flooring slate and have picked out which colour – or set of colours - you want to use. The only thing left is to pick a pattern. This is the final step towards your perfect floor, so we’ve created a rundown of popular pattern choices to help you decide.


An Opus layout is perfect for people who like to think outside of the box. Using large square, small square and small rectangular pieces of slate, this pattern is free-flowing and unrestrained. We’ve found that many customers enjoy using the Opus pattern in rooms that require a dynamic, fluid vibe.


A Brick pattern provides a simple, classic style for your floor. This design creates sharp, strong lines that run the length of your room, creating an understated pattern that doesn’t draw attention to itself like more complex layouts do.

Many customers have found that it works well with modern, minimal design schemes. At the same time, this is a traditional style that is good for creating a grand effect in larger spaces.


If you’re looking for a strong mix of small and large tiles, then the Farmhouse pattern might just be for you. It uses parallel diagonal lines of large square tiles next to smaller square and rectangular slates. The diagonal lines and mixture of tile sizes make this layout style great for making a small room seem larger.


A French pattern places large tiles amongst much smaller ones, with a layout that feels natural and homely. This pattern is great for creating a welcoming feel, so many customers use it for entrance ways and go for a more muted colour choice, such as our Mint Sandstone. This has the same sizes as the Opus, but with a slightly different pattern/layout.


Pinwheel patterns position four larger tiles around one smaller tile, hence the name! This layout isn’t as uniform as a Brick pattern but is still more ordered than Opus, Farmhouse or French designs, so it offers a great compromise if you’re unsure what to go for. Thanks to the way the larger tiles fan out, this pattern creates an open feel and is a good option for dual-colour designs.

Of course, every room is different, and every person has their own idea of a perfect pattern. However, we hope that this guide can provide a good foundation for starting to decide upon your tile layout.

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Blog Post 14/11/2014

Which colour slate is best for you?

What with all of its natural advantages, choosing to install flooring slate in your home is a pretty easy decision to make. However, after browsing through our fine selection of slates, you may find that there are so many colour options, it’s hard to pick just one! We do indeed have a lot on offer, so we’ve written this quick guide to help you pick the right colour option for you.

To make the most of natural light, you may try using a light brown slate for your flooring, such as Mint Fossil Sandstone or Barley. These light, earthy colours make for a bright and homely feel, which seems at once to absorb and reflect the warmth and airiness of summer sunshine.

Modern design often favours strong black flooring and furniture to provide a clean, minimal feel for a room. Our China and Fesco Black slates are perfect for anyone seeking to create such a look. For added effect, try having the slate laid down in a simple brick pattern.

Green slate is luxuriant, seeming to ooze an ageless sense of regal splendour. Green is a perfect way to accent light woods, which is why many people use it in studies, dining rooms and conservatories. Green slate also provides a nice splash of colour without being too flamboyant. Try our Andean or Brazilian Green slate for a sophisticated dash of colour.

Bright and vibrant colours are great options for providing rooms with the illusion of added space. Not only does this make your room feel more spacious for you, it also means that prospective buyers will be more interested when the time comes to sell. For a wonderful sensation of space, try our Lilac slate.

Of course, you don’t have to decide just from looking at the images on our website. It’s often easier to decide what you want by looking at a sample next to the existing colours in your room. We can send out 2 small samples free of charge or up to 6 for £15 plus p&p. This is refundable against any order over £500 (excluding delivery and vat). With some forethough and with the help of some samples, we're sure that your room will have a new stunning slate floor in no time.

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Blog Post 03/11/2014

Dispelling those persistent flooring slate myths

We've talked a lot on this blog about the many benefits of flooring slate. We've mentioned the astonishing longevity and durability of this flooring material that has been popular for longer than almost any other. We've also referred to how stunning this flooring material is to look at - but of course, you don't exactly need us to point that out. All that you need to do is look at our own range of dazzling and intriguing colour options.

However, in trying to decide whether flooring slate is the best choice for your own home, workplace, restaurant, museum or other premises or establishment, and particularly in discussing this choice with others, it's easy to come across certain unhelpful myths. The last thing that we would want here at the Natural Slate Company, is for any of our customers to choose or reject slate flooring on the basis of untrue or misleading information.

You may have heard, for instance, that flooring slate is expensive to install, and while it is indeed the case that it tends to carry a higher price tag than many alternatives, this does not reflect the sheer longevity of this flooring material that frequently makes it the best value long-term option. This is a type of floor that, once installed, you can simply forget about for year after year after year, save for a modest amount of maintenance.

Some other misconceptions of flooring slate are based on a misunderstanding of what this material actually is. Slate, after all, is formed through the compression and heating of ocean or riverbed sediments by the earth's crust. It is fine grained metamorphic rock, consisting mostly of chlorite, quartz, calcite and mica. In short, it is a natural material and is therefore subject to natural variation. That is very much central to the appeal of this flooring option.

What that natural composition does mean, however, is that you simply can't guarantee a uniformity of colour. Sure, some slate options will have less variation from one tile to another, but that variation can never be eliminated entirely - which is all the more reason to visit our warehouse/showroom to see our stock for yourself, prior to purchase. Similarly, if you purchase a random pattern, you cannot make all of the grout joints the same width.

Talk to the Natural Slate Company today to learn more about flooring slate and determine whether it may be the right choice for your own home or other premises - or simply browse our highly informative website.

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Blog Post 20/10/2014

Flooring slate: a classic choice exuding contemporary style

Flooring slate is often thought of as the perfect choice for rustic or character builds. It's not hard to see why: slate gives your floor an evocative look that definitely harks back to the days of stone hearths and exposed wooden beams. Slate is a natural and durable material that is often used in museums and galleries due to its inherent ability to garner a certain air of prestige.

However, if you're looking to achieve a more contemporary aesthetic, don't forget to consider taking advantage of all the benefits of flooring slate, which can still fit perfectly with your more up-to-date home decor styles. Modern furniture and decoration emphasises clean, straight lines, flat surfaces, smooth textures and neutral colours such as black, white and grey. Essentially, contemporary style is simplistic and functional, without becoming sterile or boring.

Slate is a sound match for this modern aesthetic, and here at the Natural Slate Company, we provide a range of options to perfectly fit with this choice. Slate can be laid down with appealingly clean lines, creating a modern flow to your flooring, and its naturally smooth surface provides a more modern feel and look than carpet, while providing the class that laminate wood often lacks.

Our Fesco Black slate, for example, is very lightly riven, meaning it contains very small colour variations and presents a neutral but tasteful black design. Our Andean and Brazilian Greys provide a lighter tone with similarly light colour variations to provide a contemporary look for your room. Take advantage of our wide range of styles to create the perfect fit for your floor.

In addition to their contemporary style, all of our colour choices offer the usual exceptional advantages of flooring slate. Slate is extremely durable and remarkably easy to clean and maintain. Given that modern style prizes simple, neutral colours, it can entail a difficult and vigilant cleaning process, but slate is so easy to clean that this worry is practically eliminated.

Your floor will stay looking chic and modern from the day it is laid down to the day you leave the house, and as it can work with any style, you won't need to worry about redecorating to entice future buyers.

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Blog Post 7/10/2014

Why are so many homeowners opting for flooring slate?

It's cheaper and easier than you might think to add flooring slate to your home. Flooring slate is an increasingly popular choice for today's homeowners and is ideal for environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The properties of flooring slate make it great for insulation, and you may even decide to add an underfloor heating system to it. By fitting flooring slate at your property, you can increase its value and make it a more comfortable place to live. The slate has a timeless appeal, which means that you can expect it to still look great a number of years down the line. If you're looking for a flooring option for your home that won't appear dated in a couple of years' time, flooring slate may well be ideal.

Many home improvement ideas have a limited shelf life, but flooring slate is not one of them. Its natural qualities make it robust enough to stand up to everything that it might come up against. The material is fire-resistant, which comes as no surprise given that it is derived from metamorphic rocks, which make it extremely robust.

While flooring slate was mainly used in years past for outdoor environments, it has become extremely practical to install inside the home. Flooring slate is remarkably easy to maintain and there are various patterns and colours to choose from. This means that it is incredibly versatile and able to cater for a wide spectrum of personal tastes. Flooring slate is an investment that can increase the value of your home while also pushing up your standard of living.

Talk to us today if you're keen to find out more about flooring slate and the various packages that we can offer. Flooring slate offers obvious benefits during the colder months that we are now entering, but also has true year-round appeal.

The Natural Slate Company has years of experience when it comes to the supply and installation of flooring slate. We go the extra mile to bring you the home improvements that you're looking for and you can count on us to deliver an unrivalled standard of customer service. We're the obvious choice when it comes to flooring slate - just contact us now to find out exactly why.

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Blog Post 24/9/2014

Expect a better standard of home living with flooring slate

It's no wonder so many people are adding flooring slate to their homes. Flooring slate was traditionally used in external areas but is now being installed in the interiors of more and more people's homes due to its increased affordability, not to mention its timeless qualities.

While some home improvement ideas come and go, flooring slate has the enduring appeal needed to keep your kitchen or bathroom looking great for years to come, and can even add value to your home. If you're looking for something that won't look dated in a few years' time, flooring slate may well be for you.

Flooring slate is renowned for being easy to maintain and you don't need to do very much to keep it looking great. Derived from metamorphic rocks, it has the toughness to stand up to not only indoor challenges, but also outdoor climates. What's more, it is famously fire-resistant, making it a remarkably safe addition to your home or commercial property.

What's also fantastic about flooring slate is that it comes in many different forms, which means that you shouldn't struggle to find something that matches your unique tastes and preferences. There are many different colours available and the amount that you pay for flooring slate is very small compared to the efficiency and aesthetic appeal that it brings. You're unlikely to regret installing flooring slate once you have finally made the decision to invest in it.

If you're looking for a home improvement to drastically enhance the quality of your domestic life, flooring slate is a remarkable option. You may even decide to add a floor heating system underneath your flooring slate, due to the fact that it is so adept at holding in heat. This makes it particularly appealing during the colder months of the year.

Flooring slate remains one of the most popular choices of its type on the market. Talk to the Natural Slate Company today if you're interested in flooring slate that will make your home look and feel great for many years to come.

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Blog Post 8/9/2014

Optimise your home living with flooring slate

Flooring slate can bring the timeless aesthetic qualities that so many people seek in a home improvement. Not only can it add a great chunk of value to your home, but it can also make your abode a better, more comfortable and efficient place to live.

Slate flooring has increased in popularity in recent years, among homeowners seeking something that won't look out of place in a few years' time. It has been widely used for external surfaces but is becoming more and more popular as an interior option, too. You're perhaps most likely to use flooring slate as a material in bathrooms and kitchens. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is so waterproof.

Flooring slate derives from metamorphic rocks and is easy to maintain. Once it is installed, you don't need to do much at all to keep it looking great and performing fantastically. It is also extremely robust, which explains why it is used outdoors as well as indoors. The list of advantages attached to flooring slate is lengthy, and it can add strong fire resistance to its series of key attributes.

There are many choices available to you when it comes to slate flooring. The library of designs available to you means that you shouldn't struggle to find something that suits, no matter what your tastes are. The price that you pay to have flooring slate supplied and installed can be offset significantly by the value that it adds not only to your home, but your general quality of life too. Few people come to regret their decision after installing flooring slate.

The durability and vast aesthetic appeal of the slate mean that it is likely to remain one of the most popular flooring options available to us. Why not have a heating system installed beneath your slate flooring to make the most of its capabilities? As far as the retention of heat is concerned, slate is second-to-none.

Get in touch with the Natural Slate Company with any queries that you might have regarding flooring slate. We offer the complete range of colours and floor designs that you could possibly wish for, and take pride in our competitive pricing too.

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Blog Post 01/09/2014

Add value, style and comfort to your home with flooring slate

Flooring slate has many qualities and more and more homeowners are adding it to their homes. It is renowned for its timeless, natural look and can help you to add a great deal of value to your home. Whilst slate has traditionally been used for the external surfaces of buildings as well as outdoor walkways, it has become an increasingly popular choice for home flooring. 

Derived from metamorphic rocks, flooring slate is incredibly waterproof. This makes it ideal for areas such as bathrooms. It is also used for driveways and is stain-resistant. You won't find yourself spending a great deal of time keeping your surfaces looking fantastic, as flooring slate is incredibly easy to maintain.

Choose flooring slate if you're looking for a tough, waterproof, aesthetically-pleasing floor that you can rely on. It is also fire-resistant and there are many different designs available to you, meaning that a wide range of tastes can easily be catered for. Whilst flooring slate can seem a tad pricier than other materials, any extra costs paid out are generally offset by the exceptional quality and extended reliability that the slate is associated with.

Flooring slate lasts longer than many of its competitors and it should be relatively for you to find something that perfectly suits the existing layout and design of your home. You may wish to add padding to your furniture to prevent scratching, but taking care of flooring slate is straightforward on the whole.

One popular optional extra is to add a floor heating system beneath the surface. Slate is renowned for the way that it can hold heat, leading to reduced energy bills as well as enhanced comfort. If you have no experience when it comes to installing flooring slate, you may wish to get outside help but once the surface is in place, your standard of home living can be improved dramatically.

Flooring slate can take pride of place at your home for years before it needs to be replaced. Get in touch with the Natural Slate Company today to find out more.

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Blog Post 18/8/2014

Why choose flooring slate for your home?

More and more homeowners are adding value to their property and their lives by investing in flooring and paving slate . This naturally beautiful material can be used not only in driveways and patios but also internal floors, including kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It is a low-maintenance option that offers a luxurious, natural appearance, and is also renowned for its strength and ability to withstand pressure and high traffic. Flooring slate is even fire-resistant, not to mention remarkably robust.

Flooring slate material is derived from metamorphic rocks and has been historically used for the exteriors of buildings, but more and more people are noting its value as a flooring choice. It can add a significant sum of value to your home and there are many different slate tile colours and designs on the market. This means that, no matter what your tastes are, it shouldn't be difficult to find slate flooring that appeals to you.

There are many long-term advantages attached to choosing slate for flooring. It is renowned for its ability to continue looking great for years after it is installed, with the value that it adds to your home likely to eclipse the fee that you pay for it. Scratching is a risk, but this can be avoided in part by adding padding to your furniture. Flooring slate rarely causes accidents with slippage and there are many different colours available. This makes it easy to find something that looks great alongside your existing décor.

It's wise to ask a professional to install flooring slate for you, rather than trying to take things on yourself - particularly given that, if anything goes wrong, you may find yourself with a series of expensive problems to solve. A large number of homeowners have chosen to install underfloor heating systems beneath slate flooring. One reason for this is its ability to capture and store heat.

If you're interested in a natural look, flooring slate may well be for you. The classic, natural and timeless qualities of flooring slate mean that it is likely to remain one of the most popular home improvement options available to us for many years to come - and there's no better place to order such flooring than the Natural Slate Company.

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Blog Post 7/8/2014

Why is flooring slate used so often in art galleries and museums?

Whenever you visit an art gallery or museum, it's unlikely that you'll give much thought to the floor that you're walking on, your focus instead surely being on the many treasures on display. Indeed, this is very much what any museum wants, as a floor that you actually take much notice of is likely to be in poor condition or have an appearance unbefitting of such an esteemed institution.

The best floor is certainly one that will barely be commented on, but it might have struck you that art galleries and museums frequently have slate floors. Why is that the case? It's partly about appearance. Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock that forms when sediments in the ocean or riverbed are compressed and heated by the earth's crust - producing spectacular results.

With its main constituents being chlorite, mica, calcite and quartz, flooring slate is characterised by all manner of beautiful, natural colours, shades and patterns. Not only is slate flooring gorgeous and endlessly fascinating to look at, but it has a pleasing sense of solidity and prestige. These aesthetic elements make flooring slate an especially popular choice for natural history and science museums. Truly, no one slate tile looks like the next.

owever, slate flooring also makes a lot of practical sense in an art gallery or museum, on account of its astonishing durability. Even the less popular museums receive a significant amount of foot traffic on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, and flooring slate can sustain a lot of punishment before it shows any signs of wear and tear, allowing the entire floor to be kept in place for many years to come.

Such  a floor is also incredibly stain-resistant, meaning no need to worry about all of those children in the museum or gallery who may spill their drink - indeed, the same flooring material is often used for the museum cafe for the same reason. Talking of accidents, the stone's natural slip resistance minimises the likelihood of any happening in the first place.

Finally, flooring slate is extremely easy to clean and maintain, a real boon for any museum or gallery where the floor surface area can be very large indeed. It is massively convenient to have a floor that simply requires a once-weekly sweep to remove any lying dust, perhaps accompanied with a simple mopping with hot water and vinegar to maintain its natural shine.

If you have responsibility for an art gallery or museum that requires the best quality flooring material, get in touch with the Natural Slate Company today about our generous selection of flooring slate.

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Blog Post 24/7/2014

The exceptional qualities of flooring slate

Flooring slate can make a remarkable addition to any home. Slate material is derived from metamorphic rocks and while in the past it was most commonly used for building exteriors and other outdoor surfaces, it is now also regularly used for flooring purposes. Slate flooring comes with an array of advantages for today’s homeowners, not only adding to the value of their properties but enhancing their quality of life too.

Slate is highly waterproof, which renders it ideal for internal floors, driveways and patio areas. It is highly stain-resistant (once sealed), which makes it perfect for bathrooms. It is also easy to maintain and you won't need to spend a great amount of time on maintaining its visual appeal. Slate flooring is incredibly strong and ideal for anyone seeking out a heavy-duty surface. You don't have to take too much care when walking on slate flooring and it is fire-resistant too.

With so many different designs of flooring slate available to you, you shouldn't struggle to find something that suits your needs and tastes perfectly. It may be slightly costlier than some other flooring materials, but it does last longer than many of those alternatives, with the value added to your home frequently offsetting any extra outlay. You can prevent scratching by padding the bottom of your furniture.  The nature of flooring slate means that you're unlikely to slip when walking on it, and the range of colours available makes it easy to find something that complements your existing décor perfectly. The natural look of slate flooring makes it an enduring option for homeowners.

Some people decide to install a floor heating system underneath flooring slate, another application that it lends itself well to. You are advised to ask a professional to install the slates if you don't have experience of doing so, as the consequences can be dire if mistakes are made.  In any case, once the flooring is installed, you should be able to enjoy it for years to come – its natural appearance giving it a timeless quality that means it won't look dated just a few years down the line.

Contact the Natural Slate Company today about flooring slate that perfectly looks the part within your home.

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Blog Post 14/7/2014

Reasons to install flooring slate in your restaurant

What do customers expect from your restaurant? They will certainly anticipate great food if they are to return again, as well as a high standard of service. A good atmosphere counts for a lot, too. However, there are also many things that they won't consciously expect, but that nonetheless have a great impact on the impression that they have of your establishment. 

The right choice of flooring material is certainly vital - for both you and your customers. Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many top restaurants use flooring slate? If you have, the reasons will surely become quickly obvious: there's nothing that looks quite like slate flooring, for a start, with no one tile appearing identical to the next. There's a pleasingly natural and solid look to slate flooring that gives it an instant visual appeal for even the most demanding restaurant-goer.

However, slate tiles are also extremely durable, so they'll continue looking good for many years after the opening of your restaurant. This flooring material is famed for its ability to withstand the most intense foot traffic over a long period of time, while looking no worse for wear. It is even used in outdoor spaces like gardens, such is its ability to fend off the elements, so any customers dragging in dirt from outside should barely be of any concern at all - except to your cleaners!

On the subject of cleaning, little needs to be done on flooring slate once the tiles have been sealed, the minimal maintenance requirements being another reason for so many time-pressed restaurants making this their choice of flooring material. Your establishment could be around for decades, in fact, with no need to replace the floor.

To choose the right flooring slate for your restaurant, however, you'll need to be familiar with the many forms in which it comes. You might opt for calibrated slate that is heavily machined on the reverse to ensure complete smoothness, gauged slate where there is a greater variation of thicknesses, or ungauged slate, where both sides are natural, given that it has only just been hand split.

Selecting the right flooring pattern, too, will be vital for your restaurant. From the Farmhouse and French patterns to the Pinwheel and Opus patterns, there will be one ideal for your own business available from The Natural Slate Company, to say nothing of an infinitely broader range of colours. Contact us today for two free flooring slate samples.

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Blog Post 2/7/2014

How to appropriately lay your flooring slate

One can hardly choose a better supplier of flooring slate than The Natural Slate Company, not only given the extensive range of colours and types of slate floor tiles that we offer, or even the competitive prices, but also the assistance that we can provide with the fixing and laying of your final floor. Our dedicated technical page goes into more detail, but below are some important pointers for ensuring that your floor looks as impressive and presentable as possible.

The process starts with the right floor preparation, those with concrete floors needing to ensure that their floor is completely cured and dry prior to the laying of the slate. A minimum of four weeks will need to be left for fresh concrete to dry prior to tiling, and the floor would also ideally be perfectly smooth.

Before laying flooring slate tiles on timber floors or floorboards, meanwhile, adequate ventilation between floors will need to be ensured, and the floor will also need to be covered with boarding (plywood or chipboard) that is moisture resistant grade and at least 12mm thick. You will also be required to completely remove any 'loose' floor coverings, like vinyl.

Read our technical page for more information on the general tiling of your floor with slate, including the importance of commencing tiling in the corner of your room furthest from the door. You are also advised to cut the slates with a wet tile cutter with a diamond blade. When the time comes to lay the slate tiles, it's a good idea to lay out several on the floor prior to fixing, so that you achieve a random mix rather than patches of colours.

With natural slate tiles also being hand-split, there will almost inevitably be variations in thickness. Laying a level floor therefore depends on first finding and laying the thickest slates, followed by the use of the adhesive to bed up all of the thinner tiles to ensure consistency of height. The reverse side of the tile, which is likely to be rougher with chisel or grinding marks, is always the one that should be laid on the adhesive, rather than the smoother, "better" side.

Nor should you fix the flooring slate tiles without thoroughly cleaning/washing them and allowing them to completely dry. As the slates are being laid, you should ensure that each one is 'fully bedded' in the adhesive, and once they have been laid, you will need to wait for the adhesive to fully set, not walking on the tiles for at least 24 hours.

Enquire now about the ideal flooring slate for your own home, workplace or organisation from The Natural Slate Company.

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Blog Post 19/6/2014

Choose slate for a more natural-looking floor

Imagine that the time has come for a new floor for your home, restaurant, museum or bar. What do you desire in its appearance? Of course, you may be on the lookout for something fairly clinical, modern and manmade, or there may be a more natural effect that you are seeking. Flooring slate is a particularly sound choice of tile for those desiring the latter, simply because no tile looks quite the same as the next. 

That's obvious enough from a casual peruse of the current Natural Slate Company range. You may fall in love with calibrated Brazilian Grey slate, gauged Rustic Multicolour slate, gauged Mint Fossil Sandstone, gauged Lilac slate or gauged Barley slate. These offer all of the intriguing colour and pattern variations of the fine grained metamorphic rock that is slate, as is formed by the earth's crust's compression and heating of ocean or riverbed sediments.

To be fair, you can still get a great contemporary look to your floor with slate, such as with a calibrated lightly riven Brazilian slate tile, bringing all of the customary practical advantages of slate flooring - such as durability and ease of installation and maintenance - to even the most cutting edge looking kitchen, conservatory, hallway or bathroom. Newly-built shops and restaurants may also benefit from such tiles.

Picture your flooring slate installed in your intended destination right now, wooing visitors and continuing to interest family members who can't stop finding something new in those highly distinctive tiles. Will they be gazing upon the clean and modern Brazilian Black slate, for example, a lightly riven grey black slate with slight shade variations? Or perhaps they'll have fallen in love with Rustic Brown slate, this olive brown slate combining a riven surface with autumnal tones of varying degrees? There's also Sahara slate, with its alluring tones and swirls of orange and brown. The list truly goes on and on.

Don't forget that when you are deciding on flooring slate to fit the look of your home or public or commercial premises from the Natural Slate Company, you will also need to learn the differences between calibrated, gauged and ungauged slates, in addition to being well-versed in the five flooring patterns that we offer. These are all detailed on the relevant slate flooring page, allowing you to quickly determine the right choice of slate for you.

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Blog Post 06/06/2014

Enjoy a wealth of colour options with slate flooring

When purchasing flooring slate, there are several colours for you to choose from. As a result, you might want to shortlist those that you are most interested in, and ask for a sample to be sent at no cost to you.

However, if you would like to see three or more samples, we will have to make a small charge to pay for postage. Yet the good news is that the £15 fee can be taken off the final bill if you decide to order your flooring slate from us, as long as you buy at least £500 of slate before taxes and delivery.

From Brazil, we can offer grey, black, purple, green and multicolour slate. These slates are slightly riven, with the darker tones looking quite modern. The green appears quite luxuriant, and has been used by a business client to make a very impressive lobby area for its corporate headquarters. The dark purple oozes sophistication, with one customer having used it to create a very understated decor in their bathroom.

We also sell a multicolour flooring slate, with rustic tones that suit brown leather furniture. An oyster quartzite floor is much lighter and makes the most of the light in a room, it having made for a very warm-feeling conservatory for one customer.

Our Fesco black slate is slightly different to normal flooring slate. Its tones alter, and the surface is covered with small lines. It's a different look for people who don't like things too smooth. The China black slate also has variations in tone, and little inclusions of a mineral called mica, which gives it a bit more character.

If you like those features, you'll also love grey Andean slate. Every now and then you'll find a fossil in its surface, as well as streaks of calcium running through it. Such features will certainly fascinate small children who play on the slate's surface.

If you have a thing for pinks, try Indian Rajah. The tiles move between red and pink in completely naturally occurring shades, while a slightly lighter range of tones can be found in our lilac slate. The colours are usually light purple to pale orange.

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Blog Post 20/5/2014

Look after your flooring slate with these handy products

If you've bought or are thinking of buying flooring slate, there are a number of other products that can be a real help in looking after your beautiful new floor. For starters, flooring slate comes in a number of sumptuous colours in addition to the standard charcoal grey, and there are products that can protect those tints.

After all, those shopping for flooring slate can choose between the likes of purple slate, green, blue with yellow, russet with grey, yellow, intense yellow, yellow with hints of green, mottled brown, light green, dark umber, mottled green, light brown, light purple, pale blue with yellow tones, and deep blue with marbling.

So to keep all of those wonderful colours at their best, you could use the LTP Colour Intensifier. This product brings out the natural tones in the slate, leaving a matt finish, and stops damage due to water, grit or oily substances. At the same time, it allows the air to reach the stone. This is a great product to purchase for outside flooring slate that keeps getting drenched by the rain, or indoor slate that is subject to the greasy atmosphere of the kitchen.

Another LTP product available in our range which leaves a diffuse, matt finish is the LTP Mattstone. With this product, you can achieve the desired matt finish with minimum change to the flooring slate, whether for interior or exterior use. And while it is effective at protecting against water, oil, grease and dirt, it still allows the slate to breathe.

At the Natural Slate Company, we love the natural elements of slate (as one would imagine!). However, we also love any quality product which helps to enhance or prolong those natural elements, which is why we’ve brought together some of the best on the market.

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Blog Post 8/5/2014

Extend the look of flooring slate throughout your home with some great extras

If you love flooring slate, there are other features that you can add to your home that run with the theme. In a kitchen with beautiful slate flooring, you might want to add a slate cheese board. This hard wearing work surface also makes a great serving platter, as several upmarket restaurants present their food on a single slab of slate.

Then, there are slate bowls and plates - or you can ornament your dining table with slate placemats and coasters, which can be square or rounded to suit your interior design. If you have used natural materials like slate in your flooring, you can echo the effect with slate wine racks. The large chunks of slate rock have smooth grooves for holding several bottles of wine.

If you have flooring slate in the living room, try adding a slate coffee table. The surface is set with different colours of slate, and if you rest the table on top of slate tiles instead of carpet, the floor won't be marked. Our large oval table is excellent for entertaining visitors around, and it is the right size for card games or drinks. For resting a lamp or some books, try a small side table. With a range of mosaic patterns available, these tables can really draw the eye when lit appropriately.

Outside, a slate tile path can lead up to slate benches. These sturdy constructions are great for giving visitors to your garden a rest as they walk round, and their strong design allows you to really lean into the back rest. However, if you need a bench to fit into a tight space, we also have a slate bench that comes without a back rest. Either way, the natural tones of the slate will fit into your garden's colour palette.

If you have spotted that a friend or neighbour of yours has slate flooring, you could try giving them a gift in slate. Certainly, slate coasters make excellent stocking fillers, and foodies are bound to appreciate having somewhere to put their wine. What's more, as a natural product, each piece has its own patterning, which adds to the uniqueness of a home setting.

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Blog Post 28/4/2014

Why flooring slate is a stunning choice for your commercial premises 

Is a slate floor simply for the home? The answer to that question is: most definitely not. If you have a commercial or public space that requires new flooring, such as a restaurant, cafe, bar, shop or museum, slate is more than up to the task. 

After all, consider all of the things that you require for new flooring in such a premises: it needs to be strong and durable enough to withstand the considerable foot traffic that it will undoubtedly attract, as well as easy to clean and maintain for your time-pressed staff. It also helps if the new floor for your public premises is good to look at, and flooring slate certainly ticks that box as well.

There's no flooring that looks quite like slate flooring, due to the unique way in which this fine grained metamorphic rock comes to be. Consisting mainly of chlorite, quartz, mica and calcite, slate is formed with the earth's crust's compression and heating of ocean or riverbed sediments. The outcome is an astonishingly infinite range of shades and patterns that doesn't just exude all of the fascinations of a natural material, but also a certain solidity and prestige that perfectly suits a public or commercial premises.

Plus, those who shop for flooring slate for their commercial or public premises at the Natural Slate Company have plenty of choice, which when combined with the natural variation apparent from one tile to the next, helps to ensure that their floor will be truly good looking and unique. You might be drawn to more subdued, but nonetheless deep shades like Brazilian Grey, Brazilian Black, Rustic Grey or China Black, or you may consider a brighter colour that no visitor will be able to ignore, such as Mint Fossil Sandstone, Rustic Brown, Rustic Green or Lilac. 

It's also important to consider the various available flooring patterns, which at the Natural Slate Company include Opus, Pinwheel, Brick, Farmhouse and French. You'll also need to decide whether you would prefer a more riven, textured slate or a calibrated, lightly riven tile, the latter especially popular for commercial settings due to the sleek, contemporary look of the resultant floor.

When you want a floor for your public or commercial setting that really does appeal to both the head and the heart, it's hard to look past flooring slate.

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Blog Post 11/4/2014

Nothing looks quite like flooring slate

Flooring slate makes a great investment for a home or business premises for more than a few reasons. It is highly durable, safe, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain... we could go on and on. However, we live in a world in which first impressions count, and there's no question that slate flooring is a 'love at first sight' affair for so many householders and business owners.

In short, there's just nothing that looks quite like flooring slate. This is, after all, a natural material, a fine grained metamorphic rock that forms via the compression and heating by the earth's crust of ocean or riverbed sediments. That means that no one slate flooring tile is quite the same as another.

However, this doesn't mean that your slate floor will look like a random, unattractive and uncoordinated mishmash of different colours, as the tiles do come in a broad range of consistent shades. The Natural Slate Company offers seemingly every imaginable colour of flooring slate, from Brazilian Grey, Brazilian Black and Oyster Quartzite to Rustic Brown, Mint Fossil Sandstone and Lilac.

All of these shades come with that natural variation that gives flooring slate its charm. So many of us human beings love to feel close to nature in our homes, and you could probably spend all day gazing into all of the intriguing colours, shades and patterns in evidence on your slate floor. It isn't just a matter of choosing a colour, either, as there are also various surfaces from which to select.

If you've always wished you could live in a traditional farmhouse, for instance, you can achieve just that look with slate flooring tiles that have a more textured, riven surface. Or if it's an unashamedly clean and modern aesthetic that you desire for your home or even a public premises such as a museum or restaurant, there's always the option of a more lightly riven, calibrated slate tile.

The other big decision to make with regard to the appearance of your slate floor is your preferred flooring pattern. Again, the Natural Slate Company offers a broad range to choose from, including the Opus, Pinwheel, Brick, French and Farmhouse patterns. Combine all of these factors together, and you'll realise that there's plenty of scope to achieve exactly the look you want from your flooring slate - wherever you intend to install it.

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Blog Post 24/3/2014

Flooring slate works great in the garden too

As well as the house, flooring slate can make an excellent outdoors feature. You can use the stone to create lines that structure the design of your horticultural space. Straight paths give a formal feeling. Curved slate walkways create a satisfying flow to the garden, and you can have the tiles cut in a craggy way that gives a natural look. Indeed, by having curved walkways, you can create diagonal lines in the garden, which draws the eye. The pathway can frame rounded borders, which give a sense of undulating greenery, and this effect suits ball topiary.

You can use your slate path to cleverly draw attention to flower borders, guiding people to the areas of your garden you are most proud of. What's more, there are many pungent plants that you can grow amongst slates, so that as people's feet brush past them, there is a wonderful release of aroma. Herbs like chamomile suit this approach well. Creeping mint is another variety that also has wonderful purple flowers, and a strong minty perfume.

You can also choose flooring slate tiles to match the colour scheme in your garden. As slates can come in a variety of shades from green to purple, you can use them to contrast against a mulch or blend into a lawn. Yellow slate can look very effective as part of a Mediterranean-styled garden. Owners of gravel gardens will also know that stones change their hue in the rain, which can intensify colour contrasts. Texturing the slate also helps you to use the garden in the winter. The extra friction on the floor surface helps to counter the slipperiness of ice or frost.

At The Natural Slate Company, we stock paving slate in two different thicknesses: a Premium range of paving slate at a nominal 30 mm thickness which is suitable for driveways and heavy traffic; and a more competitively priced Select range at a nominal 20 mm, which is suitable for slate patios and pathways. If your patio only has foot traffic, this nominal 20mm thickness slate is fine to use if you install a concrete pad or you ensure that your installer prepares the ground so that there is no movement. However, it is generally not recommended to use a thinner slate outside other than in exceptional circumstances.

Don't forget, flooring slate surfaces are also great homes for wildlife. Your garden needs all manner of bugs in order to thrive, and some insects will help get rid of garden pests. Woodlice love to live under slate. They help to airate and condition the soil. Moreover, they are wonderful food for birds. Everything possible needs to be done to support our native bird populations, and creating nooks and crannies for insects to live really helps.

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Blog Post 25/02/2014

See flooring slate as the answer to living on a flood plain

Flooring slate is a beautiful building material, and makes any room seem upmarket, yet it also has a benefit that carpet, wooden and laminate floors don’t have. If your house gets flooded, you will probably need to get new carpets or wood/laminate flooring, which will be riddled with sewage or stained beyond repair.

However, water washes over slate. In fact, the French have known this for years. They’ve been building houses in areas known to flood, but cunningly, they’ve been designing their houses to flood. They just accept it as a fact of life. Every year the rivers burst their banks, and each year the water washes over their hard ground floors. Then when the floods subside, the owner just takes a brush and some light detergent to the surface. Within minutes a hygienic, stunning floor is back to looking at its best. Flooring slate is the practical choice for a house built on a flood plain.

But to really prepare for the next deluge, you should adopt the other tricks the French use. Have your living room on the first floor, along with all electrical items that you intend to place close to the floor. It also helps to have large ground floor doors. These help for quickly washing down the ground floor, and pushing waste water out of the house. They also let you quickly dry out your house, as the wide doors allow for extra ventilation. As a result, you might plan your home with a ground floor kitchen, dining room, conservatory, bathroom or utility room. This puts the bedrooms and recreational areas upstairs out of harms way.

For extra flood protection, proof your ground floor with a layer of concrete before laying the flooring slate. That way, you can keep out some of the groundwater too.

The sooner people consider the future certainty of the next flood, the better. Over five million UK homes are in areas prone to flooding, and if you can limit the damage to your property or contents, you won’t have to make large insurance claims. Of course, if you accept that flooring slate will give you a saving in the long run, you can also spend a little more on a kind of slate you particularly like. Perhaps China black slate is more your thing, or rustic green slate. Whichever you choose, it will stand the test of time.

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Blog Post 17/02/2014

The amazing versatility of flooring slate

To the average homeowner looking proudly upon their newly installed slate floor in a kitchen, conservatory, hallway or even outdoor area, it might seem that slate was practically made for the floor. However, as a natural and eco-friendly material, slate has actually been used for all manner of other purposes in the construction of buildings for centuries.

Kitchen counters and internal walls are some examples of such purposes. However, it's not unknown for whole buildings to be constructed from slate. This is partly because it can be cut in two different ways, through the cleavage or along the grain, allowing it to be cut into thin sheets. However, as popular and multifunctional as slate is, there's no question that it is most commonly used for roofs and floors.

Even if one focuses solely on flooring slate, it isn't difficult to see the versatility of this material. People don't simply want the floors of their homes to feel durable, safe and pleasant to walk across. They also want them to look good, and there's no flooring material that looks quite as good as flooring slate.

Flooring slates many wonderful colours and patterns not only make the house occupant feel closer to nature, but also make it possible for them to flaunt their individuality and choose a tile that nicely complements the rest of a rooms decor. Irrespective of the colour that may be chosen - and there is an extremely wide range available - flooring slate can look very impressive when installed in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Many people think of slate as dark grey in appearance, but it comes from a variety of different countries, so its finish will vary according to its source. For example, as well as the more traditional grey colour typically associated with slate, you can source ‘purple’, ‘green’ or ‘multi-coloured’ slate from Brazil.

For all of the undoubted aesthetic appeal of flooring slate, however, it also very much caters for the practical requirements of modern day householders. Maintenance is minimal, with the average slate floor likely to last for a lifetime only requiring the general day-to-day cleaning or mopping once it has been sealed. Such a floor can even help to boost the value of your home when you next decide to move.

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Blog Post 06/02/2014

The merits of flooring slate in the home

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your home, whether for your own personal enjoyment or so that you can attract a greater number of prospective buyers? If so, there are many areas both inside and out that could be worthy of your attention, but one area that many homeowners look to first is the floor. It is, after all, one of the first aspects of a property that any potential buyer or visitor notices on stepping inside, and the right flooring here helps to ensure that all-important positive first impression.

There are many options for replacing your floor, and a great number of people in your position may consider hardwood flooring. Such flooring does have many benefits, but you may want to consider an alternative that has gained considerably in popularity in recent years: slate. A wide range of high quality flooring slate is available from leading suppliers like the Natural Slate Company in the UK, with its advantages including an astonishing range of available colours, finishes and sizes, as well as durability, longevity and surprising affordability.

Such qualities have made flooring slate increasingly requested for so many different parts of the home, from the kitchen and bathroom to entrance ways, to say nothing of its possibilities in outdoor spaces like patios, pool sides and patios. The darker colour and stain resistance of this flooring material help to minimise the necessary maintenance, while its slip resistance also contributes to its being favoured frequently over hardwood alternatives. Of course, flooring slate also has strong visual appeal, with no one slate tile being identical to the next.

The way in which slate has come to be in nature has helped to create all manner of colour combinations and patterns in slate flooring that will definitely create the right impression in visitors and potential buyers. You may opt for flooring slate in green, gray, yellow, or sienna, to name just some possibilities, and when decorating your home, you will need to consider how the warm, earthy tones and natural textures of slate can be made to complement the rest of the given room's decor. Bear in mind that you won't merely have colours to choose from, but also flooring patterns, with the Pinwheel, Opus, Brick, Farmhouse and French patterns all having their admirers.

Those considering flooring slate for their home will also need to be familiar with the differences between calibrated, gauged and ungauged slates. While calibrated slate tiles tend to be heavily machined on the reverse to ensure smoothness, gauged slates differ somewhat more in thickness, while ungauged slates have just been hand split, with both sides being natural. By talking to a reputable supplier like the Natural Slate Company, homeowners can better familiarise themselves with flooring slate and the choices available, prior to placing an order.

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Blog Post 24/01/2014

What do you need to know about flooring slate?

Flooring slate has gained immense popularity in so many contexts in recent years, including both homes and other public and commercial settings like museums and restaurants. Of course, part of this increasing tendency to have slate flooring fitted is very easy to explain: there's just no flooring that is quite as fascinating to look at. The way in which slate comes to be in nature means that no two slate tiles are quite the same, although there are nonetheless many different colours that can be chosen, from Rustic Multicolour and Oyster Quartzite to Beijing Green and Indian Rajah.

It's therefore easy to find the flooring slate that creates the right visual effect, whether you are interested in a more rustic, riven-surfaced tile for that more traditional farmhouse look, or a calibrated Brazilian tile for a more contemporary-looking smooth floor. Such choice of slate tiling makes this type of flooring as suitable for a bar or restaurant as it is for a kitchen, hallway or conservatory, and once the stone tiles have been sealed, the only maintenance that you should need to worry about is occasional cleaning or mopping, for what is likely to be a lifetime of use.

However, there are certain terms that it is useful to know of when shopping for flooring slate. A calibrated slate tile, for example, may be heavily machined on the reverse to ensure complete smoothness, with its thickness varying very little. Slate that is described as gauged, meanwhile, has been separated into various thicknesses, while it's also common for the tile backs to be lightly machined so that lumps and steps can be flattened. This treatment enables the laying of the tiles flat on the subfloor, which significantly reduces adhesive costs. Ungauged slate, meanwhile, has just been hand split, with both sides being natural.

Those purchasing flooring slate should also be aware of the various available flooring patterns, including Pinwheel, Opus, Brick, Farmhouse and French options. Combined with the many shades in which slate flooring tiles can be specified, these allow you to create the look that you desire as part of a coherent design scheme. The appeal of this type of flooring is not just appearance but also it's durability. Once sealed will be impervious to water, making it the ideal product in areas prone to flooding.

The Rustic Farmhouse style slates will mature and gain more character over time, even if you accidentally chip or scratch it, this will just add more character to the floor. This should be especially attractive to families with young children and pets, for whom non-slip flooring is more desirable.

Slate flooring, in comparison to other natural stones, is comparatively cheaper and often more practical. It perhaps isn't so surprising, then, that slate is so popular.

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Blog Post 14/01/2014

The many attractions of flooring slate

There's no shortage of fine options for one's flooring, but slate is not perhaps the first that comes to mind. That isn't due to flooring slate not achieving the desired aesthetic effect - quite the opposite, in fact, with the various mineral deposits that make up slate producing a wide range of colours and lending a true natural beauty to the home. But worries persist about such flooring surely being too expensive, or even being too difficult to maintain or easily damaged, despite none of these suggestions having any validity.

Flooring slate has become increasingly common in domestic, public and commercial environments, from restaurants and bars to shops and museums as well as residential areas like hallways, conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms. The more rustic, riven-surfaced slates are especially popular in the home for achieving that traditional farmhouse effect. The unique appearance and surface of this flooring can be attributed to its being cut from slabs of slate, which naturally form into layers, different bands of colour appearing in each one. It's impossible not to be charmed by the various shades and patterns in each slate tile.

This stone's natural composition from minerals, fossils, crystals and sand can make it porous, (some slate more than others), therefore it is best to use a sealer to ensure that your flooring slate will be as stain resistant as possible. Having said that, slate is renowned for its all-round durability and when a sealer is used, even if the slate is used in a high-traffic area, it should be many years before any replacement tiles are required. To help in this regard, try to reseal your flooring every 3-4 years in areas of high levels of wear and tear.

Many homeowners and commercial business owners alike are also attracted to the ease of cleaning and maintenance that flooring slate offers. Any accumulated dirt or dust can be removed with a once-weekly sweep, while the slate's natural shine can be even better preserved if the floor is regularly mopped with a lightly diluted detergent. Flooring slate is also extremely usable thanks to its inherent slip-resistance, in contrast with other types of flooring where something must be added to give such a quality.

Nonetheless, for all of the practical attractions of flooring slate, it remains its distinctive appearance that attracts many people, first and foremost. With popular styles ranging from Rustic Multicolour, Oyster Quartzite and Rustic Grey to Fesco Black, Beijing Green and Lilac (for more details click here), there are all of the colours and effects available that help one to achieve the exact desired effect in their home, public or commercial premises. Various flooring patterns can also be specified, including Opus, Pinwheel, Farmhouse and more, while one can also choose from calibrated, gauged and ungauged slates.

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Blog Post 09/01/2014

Why should you invest in flooring slate for your home?

There are so many vital considerations when you next need to invest in flooring for the inside or outside of your home - and in making your choice, you may take inspiration from a flooring material that has long added natural beauty to all manner of commercial, public and residential settings, from restaurants, bars and museums to kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. We are, of course, referring to flooring slate, but why is this flooring type so worth having installed at your own property?

One of the most obvious reasons is simply its instant aesthetic appeal. As human beings, even those of us living in the most urban environments like to get close to nature, and flooring slate has a natural look that you could gaze at for hours - no tile is quite the same as another. That is the case whether you opt for the more riven surfaces of rustic slates, perfect for achieving that traditional farmhouse effect, or instead opt for much smoother, calibrated flooring slate.

With slate naturally forming itself in layers before being cut into slabs for tile flooring, the various tiles that make up your own floor can throw up the most fascinating colour combinations. The gorgeous and intricate patterns of the mineral deposits from the original stone may lead you to think that this is an impractical and high-maintenance flooring option. However, it is actually an extremely easy type of floor to clean and maintain, with a once-weekly sweeping and dusting of any accumulated dirt or dust being all that is required.

However, if the owner would like to better preserve the natural shine and other appealing properties of the flooring slate, they can also simply mop it with hot water and/or proprietary floor cleaner or a very light detergent.

Indeed, it's difficult to think of a more durable all-round material than slate. A lot of damage can be sustained by the tile before it even exhibits any sign of wear and tear, and such flooring typically remains in place for a lifetime. This is true even of flooring slate that is used for high-traffic outdoor areas. In addition, once installed, this type of flooring is highly slip-resistant, the layering of materials within the stone making for good traction - whereas for alternative flooring types, something often must be added to it to give it such a quality.

All in all, it's difficult to imagine a more cost-effective means of bringing a more natural look to your home than investing in suitably high quality flooring slate - its popularity among homeowners set to remain intact for some time to come.

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Post 17/12/2013

What are the merits of natural slate roofing?

So, the time has come to replace your home's roof, but you're wary of just choosing the same old roofing material as before - instead, you've fallen ever so slightly in love with natural slate roofing. There are plenty of good reasons for that, not least among which is its natural and elegant appearance. It's easy to presume that a natural roof tile would be limited in the range of looks that can be achieved, but there are actually many different colours, thicknesses, tints and patterns to choose from, such is the beauty and magic of nature.

Indeed, the very fact that natural slate roofing is natural may be enough in itself to recommend it, given the unique texture and design that sedimentary rock produces. There's also the durability of slate roofing tiles to consider: they have been in use for many hundreds of years, and have demonstrated their ability to survive the ravages of time. Natural slate roofing has a reputation for lasting many decades, as demonstrated by old churches that you may have encountered that were built more than a hundred years ago, but still retain their original tile roofs. This compares to other roof materials that may need to be changed or repaired every 20 years or so.

Nor is the environmental friendliness of natural slate roofing worth overlooking, again due to the lack of need to periodically replace it and send the old roof to landfill. It is also energy efficient, given the manner in which it enhances your home's insulation. Furthermore, slate roof tiles are even fire resistant, given that they are, after all, effectively just layered slabs of stone. It's one less thing to worry about when you next assess the fire safety of your home.

You will also need to find the right supplier of natural slate roof tiles - one that has extensive experience in sourcing and importing natural stones from the best quarries in the world and can supply documentation to ensure only quality material is sourced. You will also want the slate that you choose to be fully guaranteed, as well as for the supplier to offer a good range of different colours and textures. Nonetheless, get all of these decisions right, and you'll be thankful that you opted for natural slate roofing for your home.

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